Falkirk West Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NS 88520 80010, map


West Bridge Rd, Falkirk


Falkirk West Church

Construction materials: Stone - Used for walls; Slate - Used for roof;

A simple, large-gabled, rectangular structure with semi-circular arched windows. It was built in 1799 by Thomas Stirling as a Relief Church. It replaced an earlier meeting house built in 1774 that had a session house and steep gallery. In 1832 a session house with a hall and library upstairs was built in front of the present church. Renovation was carried out from 1874, after a small fire and general neglect required attention. In 1884, a classical fore-structure was added to the present church by James Borcher, replacing the session house and hall. Giant Ionic pilasters support an obelisk-crowned pediment. The keystone to the cavernous doorway features a crowned and bearded head of King David. The interior features a 'horse-shoe' gallery on cast iron columns. There are also various Victorian furnishings and an organ case. Outside, in the former burial ground for the Relief Church is a Garden of Remembrance, built in 1972. The church is complete and in good condition, and is in full ecclesiastical use. Researched and written by J. Dowling, 12/9/03 and 10/11/03.




Carved stone


  • Church: Build/construction (1799)
    People: Thomas Stirling