Killin Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NN 57340 33250, map


Main St


Killin Parish Church

Construction materials: Harled - Used for walls; Slate - Used for roof;

Killin Parish Church has a cruciform plan. It has a birdcage belfry over the north transept that contains a bell around half a metre in diameter. It was cast by Robert Hog of Edinburgh and Stirling and repaired in 1932. The bell is bolted to a wrought-iron headstock with a lever and is rung from outside the church. The bell used to be housed in the old church but was moved here when this church was built in 1744. J. Dowling, 19/11/04.


  • Church: Build/construction (1744)
    People: Thomas Clark
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1831)
  • Church: Repair (1890)
  • Church: Addition (1890)
    Feature: Vestry