Kilmore Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NM 43070 51800, map


PA75 6QJ

Also known as:

  • Kilmore Kirk


Current parish church of Kilmore, situated in Dervaig and overlooking Loch a'Chumhainn.

Description (exterior)

The current parish church of Kilmore was designed by P. MacGregor Chalmers and built by local contractor Donald Fletcher between 1904 and 1905, at a cost of £1200, to replace a series of earlier buildings from the 18th century and later, which had fallen into disrepair. These previous churches themselves had to be renovated on many prior occasions (1818, 1828, 1841, 1875).

The new church was built in a Norman style, with a semi-circular apse at the eastern liturgical end, and a gabled nave. Four round-headed windows run along each southern and northern nave side. At the west end stands a striking 630-foot round tower with a conical top, with four round-arch openings towards the top. It is very similar to St Leonard’s Church tower in Dunfermline, a building also designed by Chalmers, and shares features with certain early Irish mediaeval towers. It houses a bell, weighing c. 600lbs with a 14-inch diameter, and cast by a bellfounder in Glasgow. The building was constructed from local whinstone quarried at Mornish. The apse is lit by two small lancet windows.

Description (interior)

The roof is timber-framed with pine, which matches the pulpit and pews in colour. The stone of the nave walls is exposed, and runs in to the lower half of the apse. The dome of the apse, however, is painted in striking horizontal blues and greens, possibly by the original architect; its appearance has been the source of some controversy.

Seven large stained glass memorial windows (installed from 1905-1910) are present throughout the church. These were designed and made by Stephen Adam, a noted artist who was also married in the church in 1887.

People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandEstablished the kirk1904
P. MacGregor ChalmersArchitect
Donald FletcherContractor
Stephen AdamStained-glass artist


  • Church: Built (1904 to 1905)
  • Electricity installed (1952)
  • Listed (1971)

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