Pittenweem Church of Christ the King, Roman Catholic

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 55130 02800, map


Milton Place
KY10 2LR

Also known as:

  • Church of Christ the King (1935)


This building was built as a large house in the early 1800s, but only became a Roman Catholic church in 1935.   It  faces south onto Milton Road and lies in neatly landscaped gardens. The upper floor of the building is also a residence for the priest

Description (exterior)

The building itself is a two storey white harled mansion with black pilasters and margins, and  a hipped Scottish slate roof.     All the windows have black margins.   The south elevation has four windows which frame the porch.   The two lower windows are larger and look into the nave and sanctuary of the church.   On either side of the face are black pilaster angles capped by rectangular platforms.   The north, east and west elevation have similar windows.   The door to the residence is on the west elevation

A porch was added to the south of the church in the 1950s. It has a flat roof with a statue of Christ and is harled white.     Inside the porch is a statue of Christ with St. Joseph in the Carpenter's Shop and a holy water stoop.    The main entrance to the church is through a door in the south face, which is framed by pilasters.    Above the door is a sculpture of Our Lord, robed, against the Cross.  

Description (interior)

The two front rooms and the vestibule of the ground floor have been converted into the church.   The sanctuary is at the eastern end.   To the north of this is a transept and to the west is the nave, in both of which are pews facing the altar.

The east end of the church is raised slightly where there is an altar.   There is a tabernacle similar to the one at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Crail (site 6632).   Above the tabernacle hangs a rood with a statue of Christ the King.   To the left of the altar is a statue of the Virgin Mary and to the right a statue of Jesus.   On the window sill next to Jesus is a smaller image of St. Anthony with the infant Christ and a bowl for offerings.    Towards the front of the sanctuary is a reading desk.   Fourteen stations of the cross, carved in relief on painted wood are on the walls.   In an alcove at the back of the north transept is an image of St. Theresa of Lisieux with her roses.

People / Organisations:

Roman CatholicDenomination1935-NOW


  • Church: Build/construction (1830)
    The building was originally constructed for domestic usage.
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1935)
    The building was converted from a house to a church.
  • Church: Addition (1954)
    Extension to porch and addition of Christ the King sculpture.
  • Porch: Build/construction (c1950)

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