Lybster St Mary's Church, Latheron

National Grid Reference (NGR): ND 24800 35630, map


Main St, Lybster


Lybster St Mary's Church, Latheron

Construction materials: Stone - Used for walls; Slate - Used for roof;

This church was built in 1836, with most of the money being raised by the actions of the Rev George Davidson, Minister of Latheron. He was able to get contributions from friends in London, Dublin. Glasgow, Aberdeen and Caithness. The rest of the money came from the congregation and a grant from the Church Extension Fund. It cost 830 pounds and could seat 805 worshippers. It was handed over to the congregation with no debts. The church closed a number of years ago, and was briefly used as a joiner shop, but at the last visit it was vacant and empty. This is of concern, as maintenance will be neglected if it is empty. It is not known at this moment in time what has happened to the building, and what it is used for. Compiled by J. Dowling, 15/12/03. Added to 22/9/2004.


  • Church: Build/construction (1837)
    People: William Davidson