Logie Durno Ex Parish Church & BG

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 70426 26398, map


Whiteford, Logie Durno, Chapel of Garioch
AB51 5E


Logie-Durno Church was a medieval church and dedicated to St Mary. It was an appendage of Lindores Abbey but became disused in 1599 when the parish of Logie Durno was united with Chapel of Garioch (1599). 

The remains today are almost entirely covered in thick vegetation (ivy and grass), as it was when recorded by the Ordnance Survey in the 1960s.  


The remains consist of the stone footings of a nave and chancel. The nave stonework can be seen under the vegetation but the chancel is covered in grass and comprises a rectangular mound today. There is a possible entrance in the north side of the nave and the west end of the nave may be apsidal, although the thick vegetation makes it impossible to be certain without excavation. The nave measures around 19m by 6m internally and the slightly narrower chancel is around 9m in length.

People / Organisations:

St MaryDedication


  • Church abandoned (1599)

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