Former Burgher Church, Midmar

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 69800 08700, map


Wateridgemuir, Cairndaie
AB51 7NJ

Also known as:

  • Cluny East United Free Church (1900)
  • United Presbyterian Church (1847)


A Burgher congregation was established in the area in 1798 and originally met in a rented premises. When this arrangement came to an end they built their own small place of worship, which was located "along on the turnpike road between Skene and Alford". Local knowledge suggests it was built close to a small row of cottages (shown in the photograph) on this road but no trace of a building or likely site was found on recent fieldwork by SCHR (2011). 

The congregation became United Presbyterian in 1847 and after 1900 it was known as Cluny East United Free Church of Scotland. It is not currently known when their church went out of use and whether it became ruinous over time or was intentionally demolished. 


  • Church built (1842)
  • Became United Presbyterian (1847)
  • Now the Cluny East United Free Church of Scot (1900)

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