Old Parish Church, Watten

National Grid Reference (NGR): ND 24930 56250, map


Mains of Watten


Old Parish Church, Watten

This old parish church was built in around 1659. By 1840 it was described as being in a very poor state and had to be propped up with wooden supports. A bell, dated 1760, was removed and is now located in the current parish church. The church was demolished in 1952, with the lower courses of the walls left in place to support a raised platform that marks the outline and shape of the building. The memorials from the church were removed, as was a funeral bell, dated 1661. In 1954 a cross from the east gable of the church was re-erected as a memorial. Researched by G. Watson, compiled by J. Dowling, 15/9/2004.