Tomb of Dunn Chapel, Watten

National Grid Reference (NGR): ND 20230 56020, map




Tomb of Dunn Chapel, Watten

Construction materials: Stone - Used for walls;

The Tomb of Dunn, Caithness Inventory No. 459, is a ruined ivy-clad chapel with a vault under the west end. The ruined building has walls of up to around 4 metres in height, although when last visited they were regarded as crumbling. The roof is entirely gone. The ivy is said to be harming the remaining walls and should be removed. A written source makes reference to the chapel in 1726, stating that it was the burial place of the Sinclairs of Dunn. There is a walled graveyard that is still in limited use and it is occasionally tidied up and maintained, although the reporter stated that there was no track or roadway to the graveyard, which stands next to fields. Researched by G. Watson, compiled by J. Dowling, 15/9/2004.