Paisley Abbey

National Grid Reference (NGR): NS 48550 63950, map




Paisley Abbey

Construction materials: Stone (sandstone) - Used for walls; Slate - Used for roof;

This abbey has sandstone walls and a slate roof with copper sheeting. It is in good condition and in full ecclesiastical use. The abbey has a bell cast in 1730 by John Specht of Rotterdam. There is a Medieval drain under the abbey that was archaeologically excavated in recent years. Researched by G. McCrea, compiled by J. Dowling, 24/3/2004.


  • Monument: Addition
    Date: 1912X1922.
    Feature: Vestry.
    People: P Macgregor Chalmers
  • Monument: Founded (1163)
  • Monument: Addition (1200)
  • Monument: Addition (1400)
  • Monument: Addition (1499)
    Feature: Aisle
  • Monument: Restoration (1788 to 1789)
    Feature: Nave
  • Monument: Repair (1859 to 1862)
    People: J Salmon
  • Monument: Repair (1888 to 1907)
    People: Rowand Anderson
  • Monument: Alteration/conversion (1912 to 1922)
    People: P Macgregor Chalmers
  • Monument: Alteration/conversion (1922 to 1928)
    People: R S Lorrimer
  • Monument: Alteration/conversion (1980 to 1981)
    Feature: Roof