Camster Burial Ground, Latheron

National Grid Reference (NGR): ND 24950 45190, map


Camster Burn


Camster Burial Ground, Latheron

Camster Burial Ground is situated among the hills at Lower Camster. It is said to be a unique cemetery, measuring approximately 15 metres by 7 metres. It is surrounded by a stone wall around a metre and a half tall. It is said by locals that a man was out walking and sat down on a rock to view the countryside. He told his companion that he wanted to be buried right here. Apparently, his wish was fulfilled. It is not clear what date this was, but the earliest gravestone present is dated 1806 (John Gunn of Camster and Francis Mackay, Rowans, 11/4/1806). The last burial recorded was that of Helen Donaldson from Thurso, who died on 18th October, 1929. Compiled by J. Dowling, 15/12/03.

Burial ground