Academy Street Baptist Church, Aberdeen

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 93880 05800, map


Academy Street


This small church was opened by the Baptist Union in 1905, when the congregation moved from a property on South Silver Street. They worshipped in the Academy Street building until 1920. The building is now a dance studio.

The former place of worship is located on a small, cobbled side street near the city centre. The building is built upto the pavement and has a granite block frontage and rubble side and rear walls.

Description (exterior)

The south frontage of the building is a large, gabled structure, built of fairly large granite blocks. At ground level is a recessed rectangular doorway with two steps leading up to the double leaf door, which has elaborate metal hinge plates. To the west of the door are two large rectangular windows, which have been made much smaller with new windows inserted. Above, sitting on a stringcourse, are three large rectangular, multi-pane windows. These lit the meeting room and now the main dance floor space. Above, the gable has large crenellations or parapet, giving this elevation straight edges rather than the sloping sides of the slated roof hidden behind.


The east and west sides of the building are rubble built and are featureless. The west wall shows evidence of previous, smaller buildings being attached at some point.

JD 2011

Description (interior)

The interior space is more or less the same from when the Baptist congregation worshipped here, with the main room used for worship on the first floor. The original fittings have been largely stripped away over the years.