Places of Worship in Farnell Parish in Tayside Region

  • Cuikstone Church, Farnell

    There are now no remains of this medieval church, which is said to have stood close to a mound known as Rurie's Cross, said to be the site of a cross. The site is now near the edge of a large arable field to the north-west of the Mains o...

    The site of the medieval church
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  • Farnell Old Parish Church

    The site of the original, medieval, parish church of Farnell was situated in what is now the graveyard of the current parish church. The likely location of the medieval structure is on a flat-topped area immediatelly to the south of the ...

    The likely site of the church, just to the south of the church in the graveyard
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  • Farnell Parish Church

    Farnell Parish Church was built in 1806 by James Playfair alongside the remains of the Old Parish Church (see separate site). It is a striking building with several Gothic Revival architectural details. The church was built with red sand...

    The church from the north-west
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