Places of Worship in Eassie and Nevay Parish in Tayside Region

  • Eassie and Nevay Parish Church

    This small rural church is located just off the main road leading into Nevay, and sits within small, enclosed grounds with no graveyard. It is rectangular on plan and measures approximately 19m by 11m. It was built in the 1830s in a Vict...

    View of the church and grounds from the north-west
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  • Eassie Old Church

    Eassie Old Church is a simple rectangular building measuring approximately 19m by 7m externally. It sits on a small mound that attests to its long history, and lies east-west within a modest burial ground where many impressive examples o...

    Eassie Old Church
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  • Nevay Old Church

    The rural remains of Nevay Old Kirk in Kirkton stand on an enclosed circular mound with a surrounding burial ground. There may have been a church here since the 14th century but it is thought the ruins of the latest church date...

    View of the church from the south
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  • St Mary's Hospital and Chapel, Eassie

    There is documentary evidence for a hospital or chapel being located in 'Balgowny', Eassie. It is first mentioned in 1418 and again in 1450, when a Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary is refered to. There is reference to the mastership of ...

    The arable field in which the chapel and hospital once stood
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