Places of Worship in Comrie Parish in Tayside Region

  • Comrie Old Parish Church (Former) and Burial Ground

    Comrie Parish church was built in 1805, replacing the older Tullichettle church.  The tower is much older and is from an earlier church that stood on the site.  It was renamed Comrie Old Parish Church in 1929, following the re-...

    Comrie Old Parish Church (Former) From Iron Bridge
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  • Comrie Parish Church

    This church originally opened as a Free Church in 1881and became United Free Church West. It united with United Free Church East in 1924 and became the United Free Church of Comrie. In 1956 it united with St. Kessogs of Comrie. In 1964 t...

    Church from Burrel Street
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  • Cultybraggan Camp Chapel (Former)

    This chapel was built in 1941 and sits near the entry gates within the former Cultybraggan prisoner of war camp. The chapel is the first nissen hut on the right hand side of the access road. In 1949, the camp was occupied by the army as ...

    Cultybraggan Camp Chapel (Former)
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  • Free Church (Former)

    This church was built in 1847. Before the church opened, the Free Church congregation met outside on a grassy knoll between the site of this building and Comrie Parish Church. The knoll is listed on an 1863 survey map as Tom a Chasaig, b...

    North West Gable from North West
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  • Glen Artney Church
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  • McClagan Burial Ground Perimiter Walls
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  • Secession Church Site

    Built in around 1780 as an Antiburgher church, this former church is located on the north bank of the River Earn on comercial Lane. It is a category C listed Building.

    The congregation previously met on the site in the open ai...

    View from South bank of the River Earn
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  • St Margaret's Catholic Church

    St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church in Comrie is located on the west bank of the River Lednock, off Drummond Street, at the Eastern fringe of Comrie Village. The gate is immediately after iron bridge as you enter the village from the...

    Church Sign
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  • Tullichettle Old Parish Church Site

    Located by the Ruchill Water, Tullichettle Church is near to four tumuli (about half a mile to the north), within trees on Cultybraggan farm.

    In the late 16th century, following the reformation, Tullichettle church was...

    Gate from Footpath
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  • United Presbyterian Church (Former)

    The church was built on Dundas street in Comrie as a United Presbyterian Church in 1866. It bacame a United Free church in 1900. The church closed in 1929 when the Free church united with the Church of Scotland and the congregation unite...

    United Presbyterian Church Comrie
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