Places of Worship in Carnoustie Parish in Tayside Region

  • Carnoustie Christian Fellowship

    This church is located in Carnoustie High Street and is a converted shop. It is has harled brick walls and a large glass front. It was an assembly room or church for a house group or fellowship but is no longer in use as such.

    View of the Christian fellowship's frontage
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  • Carnoustie former Roman Catholic Church

    This small church building once housed Carnoustie's Roman Catholic congregation, but it has since been converted into a private house. It lies in small grounds on Dundee Street, just west of Carnoustie's town centre. The church was ...

    View of the converted church, which is now a house
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  • Carnoustie Panbride Town Church

    This large town church is located on the eastern edge of Carnoustie and is surrounded by a small area of ground and a manse. It was built in 1855 as a Free Church, and replaced a much smaller church at Westhaven Farm nearby. It was exten...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Carnoustie Parish Church

    Carnoustie Church, built in 1902, is a large cruciform structure with Romanesque influence. The tall nave has attached aisles and there is a square tower at the south-east corner. Towards the rear of the chu...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Erskine United Free Church, Carnoustie

    Erskine United Free Church was built in 1810, and was originally the Burgher portion of Carnoustie's original Seceders Church. It is the oldest church in the town. The small building has an extension to the front and a modern hall comple...

    View of the south elevation
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  • Former United Free Church, Dundee Street, Carnoustie

    This large sandstone building was originally a United Free Church but was converted into a pub/club some time ago. This conversion included a modern entrance frontage with large glass doors being built onto the front gable of the buildin...

    View of the former church, now a sports bar
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  • Health Centre, on site of St Stephen's Church, Carnoustie

    The former St Stephen's Free Church in Carnoustie stood on Dundee Road, a busy main route that leads onto High Street and the town centre. 

    The church was  demolished in 1976 after it had become disused (the congre...

    The health centre, which now stands on the site of St Stephen's
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  • Holy Rood Episcopal Church, Carnoustie

    This Episcopalian church lies east-west in a busy residential area near Carnoustie town centre. It stands within well-maintained grounds with a small graveyard. The church consists of a nave, chancel, entrance porch and round tower. It w...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Carnoustie

    St Anne's Roman Catholic Church is located in a modern housing estate towards the west end of Carnoustie. Private houses surround the church to the north, west and east, and a large school is situated across the road to the south. The la...

    View of the principle (south) elevation
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  • St Bride's Hall, Carnoustie

    This former church building, now known as St Bride's Hall, is a complex building occupying a tight corner site towards the north of Carnoustie. It consists of a nave with side aisle, entrance porch, vestry and chancel. It was built using...

    View from the north-east
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  • Westhaven Steading, Carnoustie

    Some of the fabric of a steading at Westhaven Farm, Carnoustie, was saved during recent demolition work. When members of the Panbride Parish Church congregation broke from the church in 1843 to establish a Free Church congregation they w...

    View of the commemorative wall built with stones from the building
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