Places of Worship in Brechin Parish in Tayside Region

  • Brechin Cathedral

    Brechin Cathedral has a long and complex history stretching back to the 12th century and possibly earlier. Most of the cathedral structure dates from the 12th century, although fragments of an earlier Romanesque structure have been ...

    view of west end and round tower
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  • Brechin Cathedral Round Tower

    The Round Tower of Brechin was built before the cathedral to which it is now attached. It is believed the tower was built soon after 1012 and is one of only two surviving Irish-type towers in Scotland (the other being in Abernethy). The ...

    View of the tower from the west
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  • Butherkill Church, Brechin

    There was a medieval church and burial ground called Butherkill. The site was located on a small rise 240m west of Brechin Bridge. According to the historian A Jervise (writing in the 1860s), the ruins of the church and remaining gravest...

    The site where the church was located
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  • Carmelite Friary, Brechin

    It is possible that Carmelite Friars established a religious house in Brechin in around 1376, but the evidence is unclear. The Carmelite friars were European hermits who were brought to Britain from Mount Carmel in the mid 13th century b...

    The possible site of the Friary
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  • Culdee Monastery, Brechin

    A Culdee Monastery was founded by Malcolm II just to the west of Brechin Cathedral and Round Tower in what is now private gardens and part of the graveyard. The Round Tower would have been a contemporary with the small monastery. The mon...

    Some of the stone fragments, several from the monastery
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  • Former Baptist Church, Brechin

    This prominent church at the east end of Brechin occupies a corner site on Panmure Street and Southesk Street. It has been called West and St Columba's Church and more recently East Church. The church was built by J, W H and J M Hay in 1...

    view from the south east
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  • Gardner Memorial Church, Brechin

    This church was built after the Rev. Andrew Gardner left some £7000 towards the building of a new church in Brechin when he died in 1894. A further £7000 was donated by the Milnes of Mooranbank and Sir John James Burnet was a...

    view of tower from the south east
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  • Jehovah's Witness Hall, Brechin

    This former Catholic school in Bank Street later became a Jehovah's Witness Hall but is now a childrens nursery. The building was constructed in the mid 19th century, with later additions by William Fettis. It has Gothic details (such as...

    View of the building from the east
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  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Brechin

    This town building in Brechin used to be where the Jehovah's Witness congregation met, although they do not meet here any more. The Victorian end terrace has a pedimented doorway and large dormer window above. The houses were built in 18...

    View of the building from the east
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  • Kirk of Kilmoir, Brechin

    There is a reference, in 1611, to a church dedicated to St Mary standing within the grounds of Brechin Castle, but the possible site suggested is occupied by stables and other buildings today. Alexander Bisset was the first appointe...

  • Maisondieu Chapel, Brechin

    Maisondieu chapel was founded along with a hospital in 1256 by William de Brechin. It was dedicated to King William The Lion and his son, Alexander II. Bedesmen were still being maintained in 1582 and there are references to the mastersh...

    Brechin Maisondieu from road
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  • Maisondieu Church, Brechin

    This large Victorian church was built by Sir George Washington Browne in 1891 in a late classical-neo Georgian style. It was built with coursed sandstone with ashlar surrounds. Its Greek style frontage overlooks Witchden Road from an ele...

    the west elevation
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  • Mary Magdalene Chapel, Brechin

    This small site lies alongside the main road into Brechin, near a rural area known as Arrat. All that remains today of the medieval chapel, hospital and burial ground is a few relatively recent gravestones alongside the gardens of some f...

    The burial ground and gravestones, near to farm cottages
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  • Preaching Hall, Brechin

    This place of worship is a former shop, with its original windows blocked and a domestic door replacing the original. The building has a timber-clad gable end, facing Bank Street, and a combination of rubble and corrugated iron walls. Th...

    The east frontage on Bank Street
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  • St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Brechin

    St Andrew's Episcopal Church was built in 1888 by architects Ross & Macbeth. It is located in small grounds near the centre of town. It has a cruciform plan with nave, chancel, transepts, aisles and a tower with porch entrance. St An...

    south elevation
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  • St Ninian's Church, Brechin

    Formerly a United Free Church, St Ninian's was built by William Leiper in 1875-6 in a Norman-Gothic style. The church is located on sloping ground off Bank Street and consists of nave, tower and rear hall. It was built with snecked rubbl...

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  • West Church, Brechin

    The possible site of Brechin's West Church is located on Church Street West in the centre of the town. The site is now a small car park and surrounded by buildings on three sides. There is currently no other information about the church,...

    The possible site of the church, now a car park
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