Places of Worship in Arbroath and St Vigeans Parish in Tayside Region

  • Arbroath Abbey

    Arbroath Abbey was founded in 1178 by King William The Lion and dedicated to St Thomas of Cantebury. The main church building was completed by the early 13th century, along with some of the associated buildings. Locally sourced red ...

    View of the abbey from the south
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  • Arbroath Almshouse

    Arbroath Almshouse was part of Arbroath Abbey and was one of its dependents. It was built before 1427 and may have been dedicated to St Michael the Archangel. Unusually, it was located outwith the monastic precincts of Arbroath. There is...

    A view of James Street, where the almshouse was located
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  • Arbroath Inverbrothock Baptist Church

    This church was built in 1828 by Archibald Simpson, architect, as St. Vigeans Chapel. It was the Chapel of Ease for St. Vigeans Parish Church, at the instance of the Minister and Heritors of that church. It was later re-named Inverbrotho...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Arbroath Old and Abbey Parish Church

    Arbroath Abbey Church is located on the corner of West Abbey Street and Abbey Park and is adjacent to the Abbey itself. The original church here was built in 1797 as a chapel of ease to the Old Parish Church. In 1990 ...

    The church from the north-west
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  • Arbroath Town Mission

    Arbroath Town Mission was constituted in 1849 and have been located in a variety of premises throughout Arbroath. Their current premises are close to the town centre on a prominent corner site. It was built largely in the 1970s and exten...

    View of the centre from the south-west
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  • Arbroath United Free Church

    The original church on this site was built around 1806 as St. Mary's Episcopal Church. The congregation moved to a new building, also called St Mary's, at Ponderlaw in 1854.  The original 1806 building was sold to the Free Church co...

    View of the church from the west
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  • Auchmithie Church, Arbroath

    Auchmithie Church is located in the small fishing village of the same name, which stands above coastal cliffs near Arbroath. It is orientated east-west and was built in red sandstone, and is Norman in style. Finely-tooled coursed blocks ...

    View of the south and east elevations
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  • Catholic Apostolic Chapel, Arbroath

    The congregation formed in 1865 and worshipped in the chapel from 1877. The chapel was sold off in 1946, but worship may have ceased before this. The chapel would appear to have been demolished. There is currently no other information ab...

  • Colliston Parish Church

    Standing on the main A933 and the corner of the road to Letham Grange, this sandstone T-plan church was built in 1870, when the parish of Colliston disjoined from the parish of St. Vigeans. It was united with Colliston Free Church in 193...

    Colliston Parish Church
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  • Congregational Chapel, Gravesend, Arbroath

    The Congregation of Independants formed in late 1799. They built the chapel at Gravesend, which was rebuilt in 1816. The congregation moved to a new chapel in Queen Street in 1866. The chapel at Gravesend was probably demolished in aroun...

    A view of the car park that now covers the chapel site
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  • East Free Church, Arbroath

    The Free Church congregation of Arbroath moved to this church in 1844 after first worshipping in a church in Maule Street and Trades Hall. They moved from East Free Church to another purpose built church in the town in 1875 (originally c...

    View of the surviving section of church
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  • Elim Pentecostal Church, Arbroath

    This is a brick-built building with a corrugated asbestos roof. It was built around 1945 and is no longer is ecclesiastical use. The church stands in a street with mostly Victorian or later houses. Behind the church the land drops a...

    Elim Pentecostal
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  • Erskine Church, Arbroath

    Erskine Church, now know as Erskine House, is  in the centre of Arbroath. Its impressive Gothic gable frontage faces Commerce Street, but its location in a tight space with buildings all around means it is largely hidden. Now semi-r...

    View of the north gable
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  • Evangelical Union Congregation, Arbroath

    The congregation formed in John Street Hall, in 1863. The chapel was erected in 1879 at a building block at 14 Keptie Street, with shops on the ground floor. It was later linked with the Congregational Union. Worship ceased in around 190...

    View of Keptie Street, where the congregation met
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  • First Ladyloan Parish Church, Arbroath

    The church opened in January 1838 and became a parish church in 1865 when it disjoined from St. Vigeans. It was united with Ladyloan Free Church in 1941, and the church was then used as a store. It was demolished in 1965 to make way...

    View of the urban duel carriageway which was built over the site of the church
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  • First Secession Church, Arbroath

    The first Presbyterian Dissenting congregation formed in Arbroath in 1782. They worshipped in the building at the corner of Gravesend and Market Place (now an information office) until 1791 when they were removed to a new meeting house a...

    The site of the church, now occupied by housing
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  • Former Arbroath Baptist Church

    This Baptist church housed the town's congregation from 1873 (although the Baptists have been present in the town from around 1810). It was the first floor of a Georgian block, with shops on the ground floor. It cease...

    View of the building in which the congregation met
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  • Former Mission Hall, East Grimsby, Arbroath

    This small sandstone building near Arbroath's harbour used to be a Mission Hall, but is now in use as commercial premises. 

    This small mission church was established by a Mr John Sturrock in 1858. He approached the elders an...

    View of the frontage of the former Mission Hall
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  • Free Inverbrothock Church, Arbroath

    The congregation of this church formed at the disruption (1843) by former members of Inverbrothock Parish Church. A temporary building was used in James Street until the church was built in 1846.

    The church was sold around 1889 a...

    View of James Street, where the church stood
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  • Glasite Church, Arbroath

    Glasite Church, sometimes known as Old Scotch Independent Church, was built on the corner of High Street and Church Street in 1783 for the Glasite persuasion of the independent congregation formed in Arbroath in 1742. It was de...

    View of Church Street as it meets High Street, where church was located
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  • Kingdom Hall, Arbroath

    Kingdom Hall on Burnside Drive was originally part of East Free Church (see separate site for a description of this church), built in 1875. The Jehovah's Witness congregation occupy a small single storey side aisle or hall, along with th...

    View of Kingdom Hall from the west
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  • Knox's Church, Arbroath

    Knox's Church was built in 1866-7 by James Maclaren.  It occupies a corner site near the town centre of Arbroath. The church is T-planned and consists of a nave and transepts, vestry and square tower. There is a hall to the north. I...

    View of the church from the west
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  • Ladyloan Parish Church, Arbroath

    The church was built in 1845 as a Free Church for the disrupting portion of Ladyloan Parish Church. It became a United Free church from 1900 to 1929, after which it became Church of Scotland. It was united with Ladyloan Parish Church in ...

    Site of the church, now a block of flats
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  • North Grimsby Street Church, Arbroath

    This small church was located in North Grimsby Street, although it's original denomination is unknown. The congregation later united with successive churches, including Princes Street Church, St Columba's Church and finally West Kirk. Th...

    North Grimsby Street, site of church
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  • Old Parish Church, Arbroath

    The church was first erected in around 1590 at the south-west angle of the abbey precinct wall, incorporating the south-west tower. The present tower and spire was built in 1831-2 by John Henderson, Architect, Edinburgh, and replaced the...

    View of the church from the west
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  • Original Secession Church, Arbroath

    The Original Secession Church of Arbroath stood near the corner of Maul Street and Hume Street. It was likely demolished when the ring road was built through the town in the 1960s, as the urban dual carriageway runs through where the chu...

    View of Maule Street where the church was located
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  • Queen Street Congregational Church, Arbroath

    The Congregationalist congregation formed in around 1805 and worshipped at Gravesend Chapel until 1866 when it moved to a new church at Queen Street. Queen Street Church was sold by the congregation in 1959 when worship ceased and the co...

    The likely site of the church in Queen Street
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  • Salvation Army Citadel, Arbroath

    The first citadel was converted from an existing building in around 1887. The present building was erected on the same site in around 1975 after the previous building was demolished. The two storey building is joined to neighbouring buil...

    View of the front elevation
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  • Second Secession Church, Arbroath

    The congregation formed in around 1812 and they worshipped in Croalls Room, John Street originally. Thereafter, they were located in the Trades Hall before the new Secession Church opened in 1821. The congregation moved to a new chu...

    View of West Abbey Street, where the church was located
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  • Springfield Gospel Hall, Arbroath

    Springfield Gospel Hall was built in 1969 to house the Springfield Christian Assembly congregation, whose original building (Park Street Hall) was demolished. It is located on a corner site in Ponderlaw in an area of domestic housin...

    View of the church from the north-east
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  • St Andrews Parish Church, Arbroath

    This church was built in 1889 as Hopemount Free Church, on the site of Hopemount mansion, for the congregation of Inverbrothock Free Church. It became a United Free church in 1900 until 1929. It was united with St Ninian's church in 1959...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • St Christopher's Church, Arbroath

    St. Christopher's Church is located in the military base on the outskirts of Arbroath. It was consecrated in June 1940 when the Royal Marines airbase was built. It was enlarged in 1957 and transepts were added in 1961. A hall and offices...

  • St Columba's Church, Arbroath

    The church was built in 1867 for the United Presbyterian Congregation from North Grimsby, Arbroath. It could hold 850 people. It was known as Princes Street United Presbyterian, and then United Free, until union with the C...

    View of the site of the demolished church
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  • St John The Baptist Hospital, Arbroath

    This chapel was associated with the hospital of St. John, a dependancy of Arbroath Abbey and now partly incorporated into the building of Hospitalfield House. The chapel is likely to have been later than the hospital (founded c1350) and ...

  • St John's Methodist Church, Arbroath

    St john's Methodist Church is located on Ponderlaw Street close to Arbroath's busy town centre. The church is one of three places of worship in close proximity to one another in the Ponderlaw area. The church is aligned approximately nor...

    Front elevation
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  • St Margaret's West Kirk, Arbroath

    Arbroath West Kirk was built in 1897 as St Margaret's. After a number of unions with other churches it finally became known as St Margaret's West Kirk.  (See  SCHR sites 7869 and 5342)

    The church and halls complex lies ...

    View of the church from the south
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  • St Mark's Free Church, Arbroath

    St. Mark's Free Church was built, with a manse, shortly after the Disruption in 1843. It ceased use as a church when the church was united with Colliston Parish Church in 1930. St. Mark's was last used as a store but appears to have been...

  • St Mary's Chapel, Arbroath

    St. Mary's Chapel was founded before 1455 as a chapel of ease to St. Vigean's Parish Church. It was reportedly in a poor condition by 1530. It was used as the parish church for Arbroath, after the parish of Arbroath disjoined from St. Vi...

    View of the road under which the chapel's remains lie
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  • St Mary's Episcopal Church, Arbroath

    St Mary's Episcopal Church is situated at the brow of a hill, overlooking Abroath's town centre.  It was built in 1854 by John Anderson of Edinburgh when the congregation moved from ...

    View of the church from the north-east
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  • St Michael's Chapel, Arbroath

    It is not known exactly when St. Michael's Chapel was built but it must have been at around the same time as the other buildings of Arbroath Abbey which were built alongside the Chapel (such as the Abbey's Almonry). The exact locati...

  • St Ninian's Chapel, Arbroath

    John Street Hall was purchased by the Old Parish Church and opened as a Chapel of Ease in 1886. The church was located on the first floor, with houses on the ground floor. It ceased to be used for worship in the early 1900s. It became a ...

    View of the south elevation
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  • St Ninian's Chapel, Victoria Park, Arbroath

    A chapel was said to have been located in what is now Victoria Park, Arbroath. There is no documentary evidence for the chapel and RCAHMS was unable to locate the site during field survey work.

    The entrance to Victoria Park, where the chapel was located
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  • St Ninian's East Free Church, Arbroath

    St Ninians Church is now in use by the community as a youth centre, called the Cafe Project. It was built as a Free Church in 1875 to house a congregation that had previously met in a number of buildings, including the East Fre...

    View of the north elevation
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  • St Paul's United Presbyterian Church, Arbroath

    The first church was built on the site in 1826 for the original Relief Association. In 1830 the Relief Synod was joined. A new church was built on the site in 1872 with sandstone walls and a slate roof. The congregation united with the U...

    Site of the church, now demolished
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  • St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Arbroath

    This Roman Catholic church was built in 1847 by George Mathewson and consecrated in 1848. It has an adjoining presbytery, which had a school built onto it in 1874. The church is located in a Victorian new town development and forms a sym...

    The west front elevation of the church
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  • St Vigeans Chapel, Arbroath

    There is no clear evidence to suggest when St. Vigean's Chapel or Cell was established, but it is thought to have been some time in the late 10th century, when St. Vigean's Mission was created. Foundations of the building are thought to ...

    Suspected Site
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  • St Vigeans Parish Church, Arbroath

    The parish church of St Vigeans, located on the outskirts of the coastal town of Arbroath, stands on a largely artificial and historical hill. The church is surrounded by a large graveyard and the prominent mound has ...

    St Vigeans
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  • The Mortuary Chapel, Western Cemetery, Arbroath

    The Mortuary Chapel is the central feature of Arbroath's Western Cemetery, laid out in 1867. The Chapel itself was built in 1875, by Patrick Allan Fraser of Hospitalfield. It was dedicated to the memory of John Fraser of Hospitalfield, h...

    View of the chapel and graveyard
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  • United Original Seceder Church, Arbroath

    The congregation formed as Old Light Seceder, breaking away from the Antiburgher congregation, North Grimsby. They worshipped from 1806 to 1821 in Long Row school room, then in a meeting house built in Maule Street. A church was built on...

    View of the site in Maule Street
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  • Young Men's Christian Association, Arbroath

    There was at one point a building on Arbroath's central High Street, where a Young Men's Christian Association was located. The building has subsequently been demolished and no other information is available at the current time.


    Arbroath YMCA was located on High Street
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