Places of Worship in Airlie Parish in Tayside Region

  • Airlie Old Parish Church

    Airlie has a number of churches associated with it, stretching back to the medieval period. The current parish church (see Airlie Parish Church) was built in 1781-3 next to the probable site of its predecessor.

    There has bee...

    A view of the 17th century burial aisle, built on the site of the church
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  • Airlie Parish Church

    Airlie Parish Church is located on a natural rising, opposite a row of farmer’s cottages and a stream, in a rural setting. Alongside is a large, walled burial ground with a few gravestones within. The church is aligned east-west an...

    Airlie Parish Church
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  • Old Free Church, Airlie

    This former Free Church is sometimes known as Moberty Free or United Free Church. It is a small, single-storey building with a classical north frontage and bellcote. The church is no longer in ecclesiastical use and the interior has been...

    View of the north frontage
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  • St John's Chapel, Airlie

    The exact site of this medieval chapel dedicated to St John the Baptist cannot be confirmed, but it appears to have been located in what is now an arable field in the parish of Airlie, near to Kirkshed.

    In 1361-2 David II confirm...

    The probable site of the chapel
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