Places of Worship in Tyrie Parish in Grampian Region

  • New Pitsligo Former Church

    This large former church is located in the centre of the planned village of New Pitsligo, which was laid out in the 18th century. It is a late 19th century building, positioned on a junction of two streets. It is no longer in use as a ch...

    View of the former church from the south-west
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  • New Pitsligo Parish Church

    The small village of New Pitsligo was planned and built as a new settlement by Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo in the 18th century. Its rows of cottages, straight streets and long strips of cultivated plots are evidence of the village's p...

    View from the south
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  • St John's Episcopal Church, New Pitsligo

    St John's Episcopal Church is built in the centre of the planned village of New Pitsligo. The village was created by Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo in the mid 18th century and he was a strong Episcopalian. It is possible he intended the ...

    Exterior view of tower, from the west
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  • Tyrie Old Parish Church

    There has been a parish church on this site in Tyrie for centuries, perhaps since the medieval period. There are numerous written sources which suggest the earlier church was built on, or close to, the site of the later and current paris...

    The likely site of the church in the graveyard
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  • Tyrie Parish Church

    Tyrie Parish Church was built at the start of the 19th century on, or very close to, the site of a previous church. It is set within a rolling agricultural landscape and located at the end of a narrow country road, close to a junction wi...

    View from the west
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