Places of Worship in Turriff Parish in Grampian Region

  • Delgatie Castle Chapel, Turriff

    Delgatie Castle is a fairly substantial domestic castle, built in the 1570s. It is surrounded by a small designed landscape and gardens and there are arable fields and coniferous woodland surrounding the grounds. The castle had its own p...

    View of the castle from the south
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  • St Andrew's Parish Church, Turriff

    This large town church was built in the 1840s as a Free Church and later became a United Free Church before eventually uniting with Church of Scotland. It sits in large grounds, which includes the manse, church hall and various outbuildi...

    View showing North elevation
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  • St Congan's Churchyard, Turriff

    This graveyard surrounds St Congan's Old Church (see separate entry) and a number of earlier churches were known to have been built here before the present medieval church was constructed.  The earliest stone present today is dated ...

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  • St Congan's Episcopal Church, Turriff

    St Congan's Episcopal Church was built in the mid 19th century on a sloping site, close to the River Deveron and in the south-west of the town of Turriff. The church is built close to the road, Deveron Street, and there is a rectangular ...

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  • St Congan's Old Parish Church

    There has been a church on this site since at least the the 11th century and possibly as early as the 7th century. The remains of St Congan's Church and the surrounding graveyard are situated on a prominent raised hillock, aurrounded by ...

    View of church (site 853)
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  • St Ninian's Parish Church, Turriff

    St Ninian's Church is a large town church near the centre of Turriff. It is built on rising ground above a busy street with car parking to the sides and rear of the building complex. It was originally built at the end of the 18th century...

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  • Turriff Medieval Hospital

    There is evidence of a hospital and almshouse being founded in Turriff in the late 13th century by an Alexander Comyn. There was an area of the town known as Abbey Land in the 19th century but the exact site of the hospital is not known ...

    The carved stone thought to come from the hospital
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