Places of Worship in Tarves Parish in Grampian Region

  • Barthol Chapel Church, Tarves

    This large parish church is located in the small, rural hamlet of Barthol Chapel, alongside the small road that approaches from the south. It is aligned east-west and is built on terraced ground with a small graveyard alongside. The...

    Distant view from the south
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  • Barthol Chapel, Tarves

    A 13th century chapel is said to have been located in Barthol Chapel, on a spot close to the small primary school and the village graveyard, which is still in use. There is no trace of the chapel, or any other remains, in the small grave...

    The graveyard in which the chapel may have been located
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  • Chapelton of Schivas, Tarves

    This is a private burial enclosure and possible associated chapel site associated with House of Schivas, a large mansion with estate lands. Also known as Howff of Schivas, the burial enclosure is enclosed by rubble walls with an arched g...

  • Craigdam Seceder Church, Tarves

    This is the site of a small church in the rural hamlet of Craigdam. It was the first church to secede in the north-east area of Scotland and was built in 1752. It was rectangular on plan and aligned east-west. A fairly small hall was bui...

    The cairn which marks the site of the church
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  • Friends' Burial Ground, Tarves

    This is a small, private burial ground that is now in a ruinous condition, with its rubble boundary wall collapsing in places. It is said an ancient church stood here and a later meeting room was also built on the site, although there is...

  • Shethin Chapel Site, Tarves

    The Ordnance Survey refer to a chapel site close to East Shethin Farm during their 1860s survey of the area. A tenant farmer had helped to remove the remaining stones and foundations of the apparent chapel and nothing was left on the sur...

    The field in which the chapel may have been located
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  • St John's Chapel, Tarves

    The Ordnance Survey make reference to a possible chapel site in their 1860s survey of the area. A small flat area within a field called 'Chapel Fauld' was noted as the possible chapel site. Nothing is now visible of this possible site an...

    View of the area where the chapel may have existed
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  • St Ninian's Chapel, Tarves

    There is currently no information about a possible chapel apparently dedicated to St Ninian. It may be a duplicate or incorrect grid reference. It could be a duplicate of nearby St Ninian's Chapel in Methlick parish (see separate site).&...

  • Tarves Old Church and Tolquhoun Tomb

    The Old Parish Church of Tarves is located on the eastern edge of Tarves village on an historic site. The current 19th century church which replaced the original building stands alongside, to the north. An extensive graveyard, with an en...

    View of the surviving medieval wall section of the church, behind the tomb
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  • Tarves Parish Church

    Tarves Parish Church was built alongside the site of a previous church at the eastern edge of Tarves, a large village with a central square. There is a large graveyard, which extends down hill to the south and east. The main road through...

    The graveyard and former manse, from the west
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