Places of Worship in Strichen Parish in Grampian Region

  • All Saints Episcopal Church, Strichen

    This small town church is located in West Street, Strichen, not far from the parish church. It was built gable-on to the street in the late 19th century, replacing a smaller church of 1861. It stands between private houses on a quiet, re...

    Exterior view from the north
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  • Former Parish Church, Strichen

    This former parish church is located in a large graveyard on the south-east edge of Strichen village, close to a small, rural road and a river. It stands close to the remains of the original parish church of Strichen which it replaced. B...

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  • Former Roman Catholic Chapel, Strichen

    There is little information known about this small former chapel. It is attached to a large house on the western edge of Strichen village and was built for private worship. It is set within the garden grounds of the house and attached to...

    View of the private chapel from the south
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  • New Leeds Former Church, Strichen

    New Leeds Church was built in the mid 19th century with an attached manse. It is located in the south-west end of the small, planned village, which has mostly small 19th century cottages and some later houses. There is a small field behi...

    View of the church and manse from the north-east
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  • Strichen House Chapel

    This is the apparent site of a chapel 'folly', built as a ruin for Strichen House as part of its designed landscape and intended to look like an old ruin. The landscaped grounds were laid out by William Sawrey Gilpin in the 1820s and it ...

    View of the site of the chapel
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  • Strichen Old Parish Church

    Strichen Old Parish Church is located a short distance to the south of Strichen village and alongside a small road and river. It is surrounded by a large rectangular graveyard and there is a cemetery extension to the west. The church was...

  • Strichen Parish Church

    Strichen Parish Church is located at the northen end of the planned village of Strichen, on the corner of High Street and West Street. It stands in small grounds close to the roadside. The church was built in the late 19th century as a F...

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