Places of Worship in St Cyrus Parish in Grampian Region

  • Ecclesgreig Old Church and Burial Ground, St Cyrus

    This old burial ground and church site lies at the foot of tall cliffs overlooking an extensive area of sand dunes and grassland, which is now a nature reserve. There is a long history of worship at this site, which may date back to the ...

    View of the burial ground and church site
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  • Nether Woodston Mausoleum, St Cyrus

    This is the apparent site of a private family burial ground and mausoleum (and possible chapel), and is located to the north-east of the village of St Cyrus. A burial ground and associated buildings have not been located after ...

    Nether Woodston Farm, where the fragment of gravestone was found
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  • St Cyrus Former Free Church

    St Cyrus Free Church was built in the centre of St Cyrus village in the mid 19th century. It later became a hall for St Cyrus Parish Church but has recently been sold and converted to a private house.

    The tower of the church
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  • St Cyrus Old Parish Church

    St Cyrus Old Parish Church was the first church built on this site to replace the medieval church of Ecclesgreig (see separate site, Ecclesgreig Old Church), located close to the shore below the headland on which the later churc...

    View of the surviving south aisle
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  • St Cyrus Parish Church

    The current St Cyrus Parish Church was built alongside its predacessor (see site St Cyrus Old Parish Church) in 1787, when the parish was renamed St Cyrus from Ecclesgreig. It stands at the western edge of a sub-rectangular buri...

    The church and burial ground from the SE
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  • St Lawrence's Chapel, St Cyrus

    St Lawrence's Chapel was located in this locality and granted to the Prior of St Andrews in 1243. The original font of the chapel was said to have been relocated to Lauriston Church by Jervise.

    It is reported that the remains of ...

    The approximate site of the chapel
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  • St Regulus Chapel, St Cyrus

    A chapel dedicated to St Regulus was founded in 1165 according to documentary evidence. It is not clear whether the chapel was dedicated to the 6th century Celtic saint, Riagal (Regulus), or to the earlier 4th century Greek monk Regulus....