Places of Worship in St Andrews-lhanbryd Parish in Grampian Region

  • Inchbroom Chapel Site

    A small chapel is mentioned in a number of sources as having stood on land close to Inchbroom House, which is now within a large, cultivated field. The chapel is mentioned in 1522 and 1544 and named as 'Chapel of the Isle of Spinet'. The...

    The area in which the chapel appears to have been located
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  • Innes Enclosure, Lhanbryd Graveyard

    This is a rectangular stone burial enclosure of the Innes family, which contains a burial dated 1612. It stood alongside (or was possibly part of) the old parish church of Lhanbryd which stood on this site (see separate site for descript...

    View of the enclosure from the north-west
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  • Lhanbryd Old Parish Church

    The old church of Lhanbryd was a parish church before the two small parishes of St Andrews and Lhanbryd were united in 1780. The church fell out of use soon after this and the ruins were eventually demolished, leaving no surface remains ...

    The graveyard and site of the church, from the south-east
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  • St Andrews Old Parish Church

    This was the original parish church of the old parish of St Andrews, which was united with Lhanbryd in the 1780s. After this union the church was allowed to go to ruin as a new church had been built. The church was surrounded by a small ...

    General distant view of the site from the south
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  • St Andrews-Lhanbryd Parish Church

    St Andrews-Lhanbryd Church serves this small, scattered community, made up mostly of farms and associated cottages and houses. The church is built alongside a fairly busy country road in what is an open, arable landscape. There is a larg...

    View of the church and hall from the north-east
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  • Stone Cross Hill

    There is currently no information about this site, which appears to be an individual cross and therefore not a place of worship itself. The cross may have been associated with a nearby chapel of church but this is not currently known.&nb...