Places of Worship in Speymouth Parish in Grampian Region

  • Dipple Old Parish Church

    The old church of Dipple is located by the roadside in a rural setting, surrounded by large arable fields. The church site also includes a roughly-circular graveyard with a rubble boundary wall and entrance gateway to the east. A grass s...

    View of graveyard and church site from east
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  • Essil Church and Burial Ground

    Essil Church dates to the 13th century and was located in the centre of a small, round graveyard in open, rural Moray. The site borders a quiet back road and is overlooked by Essil Farm on the west side. The church was dedicated to St Pe...

    View of the graveyard and church site from the north-west
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  • Speymouth Parish Church

    This church, the so-called Red Kirk, was built in the 1730s in order to serve the community of the new parish of Speymouth, which was created by the union of Essil and Dipple parishes in 1731. The church is located close to a small, rura...

    View of church from south west
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  • St Leonard's Well, Speymouth

    This is the site of a holy well, located near to Speymouth Parish Church. The area where the well was located is now part of a large cultivated field and was drained in the 20th century. There are now no surface indications of where the ...