Places of Worship in Rhynie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Alex Gordon Tomb, Rhynie

    This is a private burial of a well known person in Rhynie. The tomb is contained within the burial ground of Rynie Old Church (St Luag's) and is therefore not a place of worship itself.

  • Essie Old Parish Church and Burial Ground, Rhynie

    Essie Old Church was located in what is now a small, rectangular graveyard to the east of Rhynie village and south-east of a large farm steading. A gated pathway leads upto the graveyard, which has a rubble boundary wall. The church is m...

    The graveyard and site of the church, from the north
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  • Noth Parish Church, Rhynie

    Noth Church is the sole parish church for Rhynie parish. It is located in the village square to the north-west of the central green in Rhynie. It was built in the early 1820s and the tower was added some time later. It is now known as No...

    View of the church from the east
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  • Rhynie Congregational Church

    This small church stands on Main Street, at the northern end of Rhynie village. It was built in the early 19th century and has been out of use and partially boarded up for some time. There is small grounds around the church and a fence a...

    View of the church from the east
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  • Rhynie Former Free Church

    This small former Free Church stands behind buildings of the main street of the village, leaving the church almost completely hidden from view. It was built in 1851 but has been redundant and empty for some time. It is surrounded by hous...

    View of the west gable
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  • Rhynie Old Church

    The medieval church of Rhynie stood in what is now the parish burial ground. The site is located at the southern edge of Rhynie village, close to the parish church manse and surrounded by open countryside and farmland. The burial ground ...

    View of the surviving medieval tomb recess and stone coffin
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