Places of Worship in Rafford Parish in Grampian Region

  • Altyre Estate Episcopal Chapel

    This is a small, private chapel or church on the large Altyre Estate, which is privately owned and encorporates a large house, a home farm, various forest and estate buildings and areas of designed landscape and woodland. The chapel is l...

    View of the chapel from the south-west
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  • Altyre Old Parish Church

    Altyre Old Church dates to the early 13th century and is an important building because it is little altered since it was built. Despite being ruinous today, the walls survive to roof level and most of its original doorways and windows ar...

    View of church from south east
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  • Lady Duff's Tomb, Rafford

    This is the site of a private burial, that of Lady Duff who lived on a nearby estate. It is therefore not a place of worship or directly associated with one. It is located at the edge of a field a short distance north of Rafford village....

  • Rafford Old Parish Church

    The old parish church of Rafford stood within a small graveyard in what is now the small hamlet of Rafford. It is a short distance south of the current parish church, built to replace it in the 19th century and is alongside a junction of...

    Graveyard and ruins from east
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  • Rafford Parish Church

    Rafford Parish Church was built in the 1820s to replace a smaller 18th century church located a short distance to the south (see Rafford Old Parish Church). It is Gothic Revival in style and was built in roughly-coursed granite rubble wi...

    Church tower from SE
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  • St John's Chapel Site, Rafford

    The Ordnance Survey Name Book (1871) claims that a chapel, dedicated to St John, was located in this area in the late 14th century, on the east side of the River Findhorn and near the Meads of St John (an area still marked on current map...

    The area in which the chapel may have been located
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