Places of Worship in Portsoy Parish in Grampian Region

  • Former Episcopal Chapel, Portsoy

    A small building just off Portsoy's High Street in the town centre was used for a time as an Episcopal chapel. It forms part of a large L-shaped building, which is now private housing. The chapel was replaced by St John The Baptist Churc...

    View of the building from the south-west
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  • Portsoy Former Parish Church

    This large former building was built as the parish church of Portsoy burgh in the early 19th century and was extended in the 1870s. The church closed as a place of worship in the 20th century, after the Free Church in Portsoy united with...

    View of the former church from the south-west
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  • Portsoy Parish Church

    This large town church was built as a Free Church in the mid 19th century but is now the parish church of the burgh town of Portsoy. The church stands on a prominent site on rising ground, looking over Seafield Terrace, the main route th...

    Tower of church from south
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  • St John The Baptist Episcopal Church, Portsoy

    This small, mid-19th century Episcopal church stands on a prominent corner site, close to the town centre of Portsoy, a royal burgh and large former fishing community. The church is placed at the end of Seafield Street, a wide turnpike r...

    View of the church from the west
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  • The Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, Portsoy

    The Annunciation Church served the Roman Catholic congregation of Portsoy from 1829 until recently, but has now closed for worship. It is located on high ground towards the southern edge of the burgh town, alongside the large school and ...

    View of the principal elevation from north east
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