Places of Worship in Old Deer Parish in Grampian Region

  • Ardallie Church, Old Deer

    This former church is located in open countryside in north Aberdeenshire, and is surrounded by productive agricultural fields. The church stands close to the roadside and the former manse and hall are close by to the north and east. The ...

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  • Chapel Hillock, Old Deer

    This site would appear to be erroneous, based on incorrect information in the 19th century. The Ordnance Survey reported in 1870 that local tradition suggested an early chapel was located in the area and was the original Abbey of Deer. S...

  • Clola Former Church, Old Deer

    This large former church is located in a rural area and is one of a number of buildings that make up the small hamlet of Clola, a largely agricultural community. The church is alongside a small road off the busy A952 and stands in the ce...

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  • Deer Abbey

    The Abbey of Deer is located on the raised banks of the River Ugie in a wide valley, which features fields, rough pasture and plantations of coniferous trees. The abbey complex is contained within a later large, walled enclosure with the...

  • Deer Old Parish Church

    The remains of the original church of Old Deer parish is located in the graveyard of the current parish church, immediatelly to the east of the later church. The site is at the eastern edge of Old Deer village, within a large meander of ...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Fetterangus Old Church

    The medieval church of Fetterangus lies a short distance west of Fetterangus village, close to a junction of several rural roads. A sub-rectangular graveyard surrounds the church and a later extension lies to the east, alongside a modern...

    View of WW memorial from gateway
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  • Fetterangus Parish Church, Old Deer

    This small church lies in the centre of the planned village of Fetterangus, which was laid out in the late 18th century by James Ferguson of Pitfour. The church stands in the centre of a small plot along the straight main stre...

    Exterior View of Entrance / Front Gable
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  • Old Deer Parish Church

    Old Deer Parish Church is a later replacement of a medieval original, the remains of which stand directly behind to the east. The church is located at the eastern edge of Old Deer village, within a large meander of a narrow river. A larg...

    View of church and graveyard
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  • Pitfour House Chapel Site, Old Deer

    The scant remains of a small chapel lie in an arable field in what was originally part of a large estate. It was a private chapel for Pitfour House and was built in the mid 19th century. It was said to have a small tower and pointed-arch...

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  • St Drostan's Episcopal Church

    St Drostan's Episcopal Church was built in the mid 19th century in the small village of Old Deer, close to Deer Abbey. It stands in small grounds in the centre of the village, on Abbey Street. The church is set back from the street in it...