Places of Worship in New Machar Parish in Grampian Region

  • All Saints Episcopal Church, New Machar

    This small Episcopal Church lies alongside the busy Aberdeen to Banff road in the small rural hamlet of Whiterashes in the parish of New Machar. The church stands in small grounds with private houses on either side. 

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  • Bishops Manor, New Machar

    This is the site of a medieval manor or palace with an associated chapel, dedicated to St Mary. The site is on a small island in Bishop's Loch and is currently grown over with thick vegetation and trees. The loch is situated in ro...

    General view of the site - the loch is hidden by the slope of ground. (Access to site not yet possible)
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  • Chapel of the Virgin Mary, Parkhill House

    A small chapel dedicated to The Virgin Mary was located near the summit of a small hill in land that is now part of the estate policies of Parkhill House. The site is thought to lie in a small rectangular enclosure of trees in the middle...

  • New Machar Old Parish Church

    This is the site of the old parish church of New Machar, built in the 17th century, and of St Colm's Chapel, thought to date to the 13th century. The site lies within a large gently-rising arable field in an area called Monykebbock. A sm...

    View of the graveyard from the west
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  • New Machar Parish Church

    Newmachar Parish Church is a late 18th century building and is located in the centre of the large village of Newmachar, north of Aberdeen. The church sits in a fairly large, traingular-shaped graveyard with boundary walls and railings. T...

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  • St Mary's Private Chapel, Straloch House, New Machar

    This is a private chapel belonging to Straloch House Estate. The house is set in private parkland, with areas of woodland and grassland. The estate was granted by charter to Henry Cheyne in 1348 and the current house, to which the chapel...

  • St Mary's Well, New Machar

    This is the site of a (likely) medieval well, the remains of which lie just to the west of Straloch House and its walled garden. There is no evidence to suggest this was associated with a chapel or other place of worship.