Places of Worship in New Deer Parish in Grampian Region

  • Former Church, New Deer

    This former church is located at the northern end of New Deer village, a small planned village in northern Aberdeenshire. It is not clear at the present time what denomination it was, but it has very recently been converted into flats, w...

    View of the former church from the south-east
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  • Gods Acre Graveyard, New Deer

    This is the graveyard of New Deer and is located across the road to the south of New Deer Parish Church. It has mainly 19th and 20th century gravestones and was extended to the west at some point. There is no evidence to suggest that a f...

    View inside the graveyard
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  • Grassiehill Cross Site, New Deer

    There is little information about this site, but it appears to have been the site of a cross and possibly a place were outdoor preaching was carried out in the early medieval period. A late 19th century account claims the cross was the C...

  • Maud and Savoch Parish Church

    This small parish church is located on the eastern edge of the large village of Maud in New Deer parish. It stands within small grounds without a graveyard and there is an attached hall to the rear. The church was built in the 1870s to s...

    Exterior view of church
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  • Savoch of Deer Church

    Savoch of Deer Church was built in the 1830s for the Established Church by public subscription, likely to provide a closer church for the ease of the local population (a so-called Chapel of Ease). It is located in the heart of north Aber...

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  • St Kane's Parish Church, New Deer

    This large, imposing church is a local landmark in the planned village of New Deer. It was built in the mid 19th century by architect John Smith, with the large tower added in the 1860s. It occupies a prominent site in the southern part ...

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