Places of Worship in Monymusk Parish in Grampian Region

  • Blairdaff Church, Monymusk

    This church was built in 1839 as a chapel of ease (an additional parish church to support a growing congregation). It is located in an area of dense coniferous woodland, north-west of the small community of Blairdaff. It is contained wit...

    View of church from the south
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  • Former Episcopal Church, Monymusk

    This small building has had a long and interesting history. It was built as a stone polishing mill (a lapidary) in the mid 18th century before being converted into an Episcopal church at the start of the 19th century. It was eventually a...

    View of the north gable
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  • Monymusk Churchyard

    Monymusk churchyard consists of a large, walled graveyard to the south and east of the parish church, with a modern extension to the north. Many of the oldest gravestones have been repositioned along the church wall and boundary walls, a...

    The graveyard from the north-west
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  • Monymusk Parish Church

    Monymusk Parish Church is a late 12th century building in part, although it has seen many alterations and rebuilding, especially in the 19th century. It was built as the church of the Augustinian Priory which was located close by. The ch...

    View of chuch from the south
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  • Monymusk Priory

    A priory was established in Monymusk in the early 12th century. It originated as a Culdee Priory but later became Augustinian. The priory first comes on record in 1130 with a land grant. In 1211 a Papal Commission allowed the priory to h...

    Possible site of part of the priory complex, north of the parish church
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  • St Finan's Chapel, Monymusk

    The site of this chapel is located within an area of recently-planted woodland, which had previously been uncultivated scrub land. It is on a south-facing terrace overlooking the Don valley. The chapel remains were not seen during recent...

    The site of the chapel
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