Places of Worship in Monquhitter Parish in Grampian Region

  • Monquhitter Churchyard

    The large parish graveyard of Monquhitter surrounds the current parish church (see separate site), with the oldest part being on the west side of the church. There have been a number of older church buildings on this site, stretching bac...

    View of the 19th century cemetery, east of the church
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  • Monquhitter Parish Church

    Monquhitter Parish Church is located on the northern outskirts of the planned village of Cuminestown and is surrounded by an old graveyard, with a large 19th century cemetery alongside to the east. There have been upto five churches on t...

    View of Church
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  • St Luke's Episcopal Church, Monquhitter

    This small Episcopal church is located along the straight main street of the planned village of Cuminestown in Monquhitter parish. It was built in the mid 19th century with the rectory alongside. There are garden grounds to the front (so...

    View of Church
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  • William Cumine of Auchry Monument

    This monument and mausoleum dates to 1707 and was reconstructed in the early 19th century. It lies in the old graveyard close to Monquhitter Parish Church, which is also the site of numerous earlier churches. It is not clear whether the ...

    View of the monument and mausoleum from the south-west
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