Places of Worship in Methlick Parish in Grampian Region

  • Haddo House Chapel

    Haddo House is a large mansion built in the 1730s with later additions and internal reconstruction. It sits in the centre of a large estate, with parkland and stands of mature trees. A large private chapel was built on to the north wing ...

    View of the chapel, attached to the north end of Haddo House, from the east
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  • Methlick Old Parish Church

    The old parish church of this small rural village was built in the late 18th century on flat land close to a small river. It is surrounded by a walled rectangular graveyard and stands a short distance to the north of the later parish chu...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Methlick Parish Church

    Methlick Parish Church is a large, striking building located in the heart of the small, linear village of Methlick. It lies on fairly flat land close to a small river and near to a junction of two rural roads. There is a large grassed ar...

    Distant view of Church from the north
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  • St Ninian's Chapel, Andet

    A chapel was said to have existed in this rural area in Methlick parish, dedicated to St Ninian of Andet. The date of establishment is not known but may be 13th or 14th century. The Ordnance Survey Book (1860s) tells us that a graveyard ...

    The site of the chapel, in open farmland
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