Places of Worship in Lonmay Parish in Grampian Region

  • Kininmonth Chapel Site, Lonmay

    A pre-Reformation chapel and graveyard are said to have stood on this site, close to Kininmonth Farm. There are no visible remains today so documentary evidence has to be relied on to provide information about the chapel. It was in ruins...

    Viewof the field in which the chapel was located
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  • Kininmonth Former Church, Lonmay

    This large former church is located in open, rolling countryside in northern Aberdeenshire, a short distance east of the small planned village of New Leeds. It was built in the 1830s to serve the widely-spread but quite populous rural po...

    View of the former church from the south-west
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  • St Columba's Church, St Combs, Lonmay

    This small medieval church stands within a rectangular graveyard on the east coast of Aberdeenshire, in the small, old fishing village of St Combs, which is in Lonmay parish. The exact date of the church is not clear, but it would appear...

    View of the remains in the graveyard from the south-west
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