Places of Worship in Knockando Parish in Grampian Region

  • Catherinebraes Shrine, Knockando

    A possible shrine, which could be considered as a place were worship was carried out, is said to have existed in an area known as Catherinesbraes, but no other information is known and an exact site has not been pinpointed. 

  • Church of Macallan, Knockando

    The remains of this small church are contained within a sub-rectangular graveyard in what is now on land that is part of the large Macallan Distillery in rural Moray. The walled graveyard is surrounded by tall, mature trees and surroundi...

    View of ruins and graveyard from west
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  • Crofthead Chapel Site

    A chapel is said to have existed in an area south of Archiestown, between two farmsteads locally called Wester Tarnbreck and Crofthead. It had an associated burial ground but there is no other information about the chapel and there are n...

    View of the area where the chapel may have been located
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  • Elchies and Archiestown Former Church

    This small former church is located alongside the B9102 road, which leads to the small, planned village of Archiestown. The church is around 2km east of the village and set within small grounds. There is currently little information know...

    View of church (now house) from east
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  • Knockando Old Church Site

    An early church, thought to be the first parish church of Knockando, existed in an area just north of the River Spey, which is now partially wooded and rough grazing ground today. Knockando House was built a short distance to the north m...

    Knockando Old Church Site
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  • Knockando Old Parish Church

    The present parish church of Knockando and its graveyard is built on, or close to, the site of an earlier church, which was either ruinous by the time a new building was constructed in 1757 or was demolished soon after the new church was...

    Former watch house, now chapel, from east
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  • Knockando Parish Church

    The current parish chuch of Knockando was built in the mid 1990s on the site of at least two previous buildings. The later church, built in 1757 and repaired and altered in the 19th and 20th centuries, was completely destroyed by fire in...

    View of church from south west
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