Places of Worship in Kinneff Parish in Grampian Region

  • Catterline Church and Graveyard

    Catterline Parish Church and its graveyard are located to the north-west of the small village of the same name, and borders a small river with steep banks. There is a large house to the east (not thought to be the manse) and farmland to ...

    View of the graveyard and church site from the north
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  • Kinneff and Catterline Parish Church

    This small rural church is located at the southern edge of Kinneff, a small village close to Inverbervie. It was built as a Free Church in 1843 but later became Church of Scotland, serving Kinneff and Catterline, a small village to the n...

    View of the church from the east
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  • Kinneff Old Parish Church

    Kinneff Old Parish Church lies close to the coast in rolling arable land, north of Inverbervie. The church and surrounding graveyard occupy an historic site, with a medieval church, dedicated to St Arnty, referred to here in 1242. This e...

    View of the church from the east
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  • St Arnty's Cell, Kinneff

    St Arnty's Cell or 'Kill' is known today only in bibliographic records. A religious building known as St Arnty's is recorded in the New Statistical Account and is thought to have been located near the manse garden of Kinneff Parish Churc...

  • St John's Chapel, Kinneff

    There are a number of historical sources that state that a chapel of medieval origin was located here, around 100m west of Chapel of Barras farm. This area of land was once owned by the Knights of St John, according to the 19th century h...

    View of the site of the chapel
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  • St Martin's Chapel, Kinneff

    There is scant information about a chapel in Kinneff dedicated to St Martin. Jervise mentions a charter in 1493 where a 'St Martine's Chapel' is mentioned. Its site has never been located but it is thought to have been fairly close to Ki...

    The chapel was possible located near the old parish church and graveyard of Kinneff parish
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  • St Philip's Episcopal Church, Catterline

    St Philip's is a small, rural Episcopal church, which lies to the north of the small village of Catterline. The church stands in small grounds with a graveyard to the south and east and the original manse and hall to the north. The area ...

    View of the church from the south
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