Places of Worship in Keithhall and Kinkell Parish in Grampian Region

  • Friend's Meeting House, Keithhall and Kinkell

    A Quaker meeting house was established here in 1681 by Patrick Livingstone of Montrose and the community grew with the opening of a Quaker school in a cottage alongside soon after. There was also a small graveyard associated with the mee...

    The likely site of the meeting house in Kinmuck
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  • Keithall and Kinkell Parish Church

    Keithhall and Kinkell Parish Church was built in the late 18th century and is located in a rural situation on the wooded edge of the estate of Keithall Manse. In the small hamlet in which the church is located is a primary school and a f...

    West gable of the church
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  • Keithhall Old Parish Church

    The historian Andrew Jervise tells us that Keithhall Church is first mentioned in a charter of around 1175 and in a deed of 1481. The church stood within a small graveyard with a small water course (common at early Christian sites) to th...

    View from west
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  • Monk's Hillock Chapel, Keithhall and Kinkell

    There is very little known information about a possible chapel that was said to have stood on top of a natural mound known as monk's Hillock. The Ordnance Survey Name Book, in 1866, claimed that the Pope's legate slept in a chapel here i...

    The area in which the chapel is said to have stood
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  • St Michael's Church, Kinkell

    A church has stood here in Kinkell since at least the 13th century. The formerly-remote and rural church is now alongside a busy agricultural contracting business and across the River Don, near where the church stands, is a large, modern...

    View of the church from the south-west
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