Places of Worship in Inverurie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, Inverurie

    This small Roman Catholic Church and presbytery is located in the north-west part of Inverurie, a busy Burgh town in the heart of Aberdeenshire. It is surrounded by small garden grounds and is alongside North Street, a long road which le...

    View from the south-west
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  • Former Inverurie Free Church

    There is little information at the moment about this former Free Church, which appears to have been demolished and replaced with another building. It may have been a predacessor to West Church, which was originally a Free Church and is c...

    The possible site of the church
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  • Freemason's Hall, Inverurie

    This building was originally a Freemason's Hall but has since been converted into a shop. It is located on High Street in the town centre of Inverurie. There is currently little information about the building, such as when it was built, ...

    View of the building from the north-east
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  • Inverurie Congregational Church

    A Congregational Church was established in Inverurie in 1822 and a later 19th century church replaced the earlier structure. Built on High Street in 1870 the church was in use by this denominiation until 1992. It later became a Gospel Ha...

    View of the church from the north-west
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  • Old Church of Inverurie

    The site of the original parish church of Inverurie, and possibly a previous chapel, is contained within the large cemetery of Inverurie, just south of the town and alongside the main east coast railway line. The cemetery occupies flat g...

    The site of the church in the cemetery
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  • St Andrew's Church, Inverurie

    This large parish church was built in the early 1840s and is close to the town centre, along High Street. The church is one of a number of ecclesiastical buildings in a line along High Street, including the Episcopal church and former Co...

    View of the Church from the south-east
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  • St Apolinaris Chapel, Inverurie

    This is the site of the supposed first church of Inverurie, dating from the late 12th century. The site of the church or chapel is enclosed by a rectangular enclosure and lies on the west bank of the River Don, a short distance south-wes...

    View of the chapel and enclosure from the north.
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  • St Mary's Episcopal Church, Inverurie

    St Mary's Episcopal Church is located at the southern end of High Street. It is set back quite a distance from the road and there is car parking to the front and a small burial ground to the rear (east). The large rectory is set in open ...

    Exterior view, west gable
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  • West Parish Church, Inverurie

    Inverurie's West Church was originally built as a Free Church to replace a smaller building and house a growing congregation. It was built in the 1870s in an Early English Gothic style on a prominent corner site, towards the north-west o...

    The front with glass porch from the east
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