Places of Worship in Insch Parish in Grampian Region

  • Dunnideer Chapel Site, Insch

    There is a suggestion that a chapel was associated with an early tower house or castle on the summmit of Durrideer Hill. The egg-shaped hill rises steeply on all sides and is the prominent feature in the landscape. The location of the ch...

    Dunnideer Hill, where a chapel may have been located
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  • Dunnydeer House Chapel, Insch

    This possible chapel site may be associated with the castle site at the summit of Dunnideer Hill (see other site, Dunnideer Chapel Site, Insch) and indeed a duplicate. The Ordnance Survey plotted the site of a chapel here b...

    View of the area in which the chapel may have been located
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  • Insch Parish Church

    Insch Parish Church is located close to the town centre of Insch, a small rural settlement in central Aberdeenshire. It stands back from Western Road in garden grounds and is surrounded by private housing. A church hall was built directl...

    Insch Parish Church
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  • St Drostan's Episcopal Church, Insch

    St Drostan's Episcopal Church is a small town church close to the centre of Insch, a rural town in central Aberdeenshire. It is situated within small grounds and alongside the main road into the town centre, Commerce Street. The church s...

    St Drostan's Episcopal Church, Insch
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  • St Drostan's Old Parish Church, Insch

    The remains of Insch Old Church, also known as St Drostan's, stand in a graveyard at the east end of the small market town of Insch, close to the town centre. A church here was gifted to Lindores Abbey in the late 12th century and a numb...

    View of West gable
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