Places of Worship in Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn Parish in Grampian Region

  • Candacraig Chapel, Glenmuick

    This former chapel is located on the flat land of a narrow valley on the northern bank of the River Gairn. A steep, wooden hillside rises to the north of the site. The fertile land in front of the chapel is mostly pasture and is run by s...

    View of the chapel building from the south
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  • Clashanruich Chapel, Glenmuick

    There is currently no information about this apparent early chapel site and RCAHMS only have record of a farmstead of this name in the area. The site today, if correct, is an area of sparse woodland close to the A939 road through Glen Ga...

    The area where a chapel may have been located
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  • Deecastle Chapel, Glenmuick

    This chapel was founded as a Roman Catholic place of worship in 1763. The present chapel building was built in 1795, possibly re-using part of the remains of an earlier castle. The Deecastle chapel was used in the 20th century by the Ply...

    View of the trackway leading to the private house and where the chapel is said to have been located
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  • Foot of Gairn Old Church, Glenmuick

    The remains of this church are located within a small graveyard at a bridging point known as Bridge of Gairn, close to where the River Gairn joins the River Dee. The church is now a ruin, with only the rubble walls upstanding. The church...

    View of the church ruins in the graveyard
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  • Former United Free Church, Ballater

    This large former church stands in a fairly prominent position on a street corner on Braemar Road, a short distance west of Ballater's Episcopal Church. It is built on a large corner plot along the westerly route into Ballater village, a...

    View from the north-east
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  • Glengairn Parish Church

    This small, remote church lies in the narrow valley bottom of Glen Gairn, with steep hillsides rising to the north and south. The River Gairn meanders along the valley and there are small fields on either side, making use of the narrow b...

    Distant view of the church from the north-west
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  • Glenmuick Parish Church, Ballater

    Glenmuick Parish Church is located in the centre of Ballater, a picturesque, rural village in the south-west of Aberdeenshire. The church is strikingly placed in the middle of a large, open square and forms the main focal point of Ballat...

    View of Church from the north-west
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  • Inchmarnoch Chapel, Glenmuick

    A small chapel and burial ground, founded by St Marnan of Narnach, are said to have existed on an island in the River Dee. The island site is a short distance east of Ballater and on a large meander of the river, where it widens out for ...

    Inchmarnock Chapel site
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  • Invermuick Old Church and Graveyard

    This church and small surrounding graveyard is located at the junction of two small roads and an old bridging point, a short distance south-west of Ballater. A large estate with wooded grounds extends to the east and there are small fiel...

    View of the graveyard and church site from the south-east
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  • Loch Kinord Chapel, Glenmuick

    There is little information known about this chapel site, which was likely associated with Loch Kinord Castle. The castle and possibly the chapel were located on a large, natural island in Loch Kinord, a short distance north of a small c...

    View of the loch island where a chapel may have been located
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  • Macdonald Mausoleum, Glenmuick

    This is a private burial enclosure for the MacDonald family. The burial enclosure is located on rising ground near the family house of Rineton, and there is apparently some evidence of an earlier settlement here. The burial enclosure has...

  • Mcgregor Chapel and Burial Ground, Glenmuick

    This chapel was built in around 1700 on steeply rising, wooded ground above the River Gairn. The chapel is now a ruin, with rubble only the rubble walls upstanding. There are two gravestones of the McGregor family, dated 1734 and 1737, a...

    The wooded hillside on which the chapel is located
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  • Meikle Kinord Private Chapel

    A 16th century chapel and burial ground were located at a site close to a later smallholding, called Meikle Kinord, on the southern shore of Loch Kinord. The chapel became ruinous and all remains had disappeared by the mid 19th century. ...

    The late 19th century private chapel, now used as a store
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  • Spittal of Glenmuick Chapel

    This chapel or place of worship was built to serve the drove road over to Glen Clona and local crofts. It closed in 1846 and was demolished thereafter. A likely site for the chapel has not yet been located and there is currently no other...

  • St Kentigern Episcopal Church

    St Kentigern's Episcopal Church was built in 1907 and replaced a temporary corrugated iron structure that had been constructed on the site in the late 19th century. It sits in the middle of small grounds, set back from Braemar Road in th...

    View from the south
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  • St Mungo's Well, Glenmuick

    There is now no sign of St Mungo's Well, except for an unmarked water pipe extending out of a bank. The rest appears to be covered by earth, which protects it from weathering and erosion, as well as vandalism. There is no evidence to sug...

  • St Nathalan Roman Catholic Church, Ballater

    This fairly small Roman Catholic Church was built in the early 20th century by well known architect Archibald Macpherson on the south-west edge of Ballater, a small planned town which was established in the late 18th century. The church ...

    View of the Church and Presbytery from the south-east
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  • St Nathalan's Chapel, Glenmuick

    This ruined chapel or church is located on rising, wooded land that was once part of House of Glenmuick's estate. It was built as a private place of worship for the estate and was largely demolished in 1948 when the mansion itself was de...

    View of the surviving tower from the south
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  • St Nathalan's Well, Glenmuick

    This holy well is located on rising grounds in the grounds of Monaltrie House. The well is enclosed in a small granite roofed building, and water falls into a 7th century water trough. It is not thought to be directly associated with a s...

  • Tullich Church and Burial Ground, Glenmuick

    This is the site of a ruined medieval church which was reportedly built on the site of a 7th century chapel established by St Nathalan. The church was built in around 1400 and remained in use until the end of the 18th century, although i...

    View of the Church and graveyard from the north-west
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