Places of Worship in Gamrie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Gamrie Parish Church

    Gamrie Parish Church was built in the 1820s to replace the old church of St John (at Gardenstown), which was now ruinous. It is located at the north-east corner of a large, rectangular graveyard, at the top of a south-facing slope. The c...

    General view form south east
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  • Gardenstown Church

    Gardenstown is a stunning fishing village, which clings to the edge of steep cliffs overlooking the North Sea and was founded by Alexander Garden of Troup in 1720. The village gradually expanded up the cliffs, resulting in rows of cottag...

    View of church from south
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  • Gardenstown Free Presbyterian Church

    This is a new church, built on former farm land, a close distance to Gardenstown. It has links to a church group in Ulster, who were keen to have the church built. Prior to this, the congregation had met in a local hall. The church was b...

    View of the church from the north-west
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  • Gardner Parish Church (Former)

    This former church is now used as an Arts centre

  • St John's Church, Gamrie

    The ruins of St John's Church are sited in a stunning location on the north coast of Moray. Reached only by a long, rutted, only partially accessible trackway from the south, the church and its small graveyard are remote and set on the e...

    View of the church and graveyard from the south
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