Places of Worship in Fyvie Parish in Grampian Region

  • All Saints Episcopal Church, Fyvie

    All Saints Episcopal Church is located in the centre of the small linear settlement of Woodhead, Fyvie. It is set back from the road and surrounded by a small graveyard. The former rectory is next door to the south and there is a small c...

    View of the Church from the south-west
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  • Folla Rule Church, Fyvie

    This large former Episcopal church is located in the small hamlet of Folla Rule, a secluded rural settlement, hidden from view by the steep, wooded south-facing slope on which it is built. The church, orginally dedicated to St George and...

    View of the Church from the south
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  • Fyvie Priory

    A priory was established here in 1285 by Reginald le Chen but was dissolved in the early 16th century. It was linked to Arbroath Abbey, the monks of the Order of Tiron. The New Statistical Account of 1845 claims that the outline of the p...

    The cross in the middle of the field, marking the site of the priory
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  • Macterry Chapel Site, Fyvie

    A temporary (wooden?) chapel was built in this area after the Battle of Culloden (1746), due to the existing Episcopal church at Woodhead of Fyvie being demolished by soldiers. It was said to have been built a short distance south of a s...

    The site of the chapel
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  • Masonic Lodge, Fyvie

    There is little information about this fomer Masonic Hall. It was built in the late 19th century in the centre of Fyvie village. It is a simple, domestic-looking building with ball finials and a round-arched window on the gable. A simila...

    View of the former Masonic hall from the north-east
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  • Millbrex Former Church

    This former church is located in a rural location in the parish of Fyvie, close to the roadside and surrounded by open farmland. There is a rectangular graveyard to the south and the likely former manse is south-east of the graveyard. Th...

    View of the Church and graveyard from the south
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  • Rothienorman Parish Church, Fyvie

    This small parish church is located at the eastern edge of the large and busy village of Rothienorman. It was built in the 1930s to accomodate a growing local population and remains a busy church today. The church sits in open, grassed g...

    Exterior view from north-west
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  • St Mary's Well, Fyvie

    This is the apparent site of a holy well, recorded by the Ordnance Survey in the 19th century. It is not thought to be associated with a place of worship itself. 

  • St Peter's Parish Church, Fyvie

    St Peter's Parish Church is built on an early Christian site, with a number of carved symbol stones found close to the site and a medieval church known to have been located here too. The church is on a prominent knoll east of Fyvie and o...

    Distant view from south-west
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  • St Peter's Well, Fyvie

    This is the site of an apparent holy well, recorded by the Ordnance Survey in the 19th century. It is not thought to be directly linked to a place of worship.

  • St Rule's Chapel, Folla Rule, Fyvie

    An Episcopal chapel was located here in 1376 by Adam Pyngil, a burgess of Aberdeen. Later, in the mid 18th century, Bishop Petrie ran a college and church here, close to the later Episcopal church (St George's) in Folla Rule. There is no...

    The site of the chapel
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