Places of Worship in Fraserburgh Parish in Grampian Region

  • Assembly of God Church, Fraserburgh

    This modern church is located a short distance west of Fraserburgh's harbour and town centre in an area that was planned and laid out in a grid pattern. The street in which the church is located has mainly 19th and 20th century private h...

    Assembly of God, Fraserburgh
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  • Chapelhill Chapel Site, Fraserburgh

    There is very little information or evidence for this site, with only one historical reference to it. A mid 19th century publication states that a small chapel had been located here, which was, and still is, a small, cultivated field bel...

    The field in which the chapel was said to have stood, from north-west.
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  • College Chapel Site, Fraserburgh

    There are a few documentary sources which suggest a medieval college and chapel were founded on a site just south of Fraserburgh in what is now cultivated farm land. The exact site is not known precisely and there is no sign of any remai...

    The area in which the chapel and college was thought to have been located.
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  • Former Church, Fraserburgh

    This place of worship was originally an Episcopal chapel, but was later used by the Baptist congregation until their own new church was opened in 1878. It is located on Mid Street on a small corner plot, close to the town centre of frase...

    View from the south
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  • Fraserburgh Baptist Church

    Fraserburgh Baptist Church is a small town church in the planned new town development, which was laid out in the 19th century. It is close to the central square, known as The Hexagon, where the large West Parish Church is located. There ...

    Baptist Church, Fraserburgh
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  • Fraserburgh Old Parish Church and Saltoun Mausoleum

    This large parish church is located in the town centre of Fraserburgh, very close to the historic harbour and the core of the town and the main shopping street, Broad Street. The church is surrounded by most of the grand buildings of Fra...

    Exterior view, from the north-west
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  • Fraserburgh United Reformed Church

    Fraserburgh United Reformed Church is a modern building located in the centre of this large town on the north coast of Aberdeenshire. It faces the street and is tucked into a small plot between other buildings. There are small grounds to...

    United Reformed Church, Fraserburgh
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  • Fraserburgh West Church

    Fraserburgh West Church is a large Victorian parish church near the centre of Fraserburgh and the focal point of a planned 19th century development in the west of the town. The church stands in the centre of a large opening called The He...

    View of Church from the north-east
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  • Our Lady, Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, Fraserburgh

    This small Roman Catholic church stands on a corner site halfway along Commerce Street, a busy road which runs east-west across Fraserburgh and to the harbour. The church was built at the end of the 19th century. Attached on the east sid...

    View from the south-west
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  • South Church, Fraserburgh

    South Church is located on the east side of Fraserburgh, alongside its large and busy harbour. It is adjacent to the short-lived Fraserburgh University, founded in the late 16th century and is built on the site of the town's Old School. ...

    View of the church from the north-west
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  • St Medan's Church, Philorth Burial Ground, Fraserburgh

    St Medan's Church stood on a site which is now on the south-eastern outskirts of Fraserburgh and is overlooked by a large supermarket to the west and the coastline is a short distance to the east. The church was surrounded by a graveyard...

    East gateway, from east
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  • St Peter's Episcopal Church, Fraserburgh

    St Peter's Episcopal Church is located on a busy street corner alongside Fraserburgh's famous 'The Hexagon' planned new town layout, which is a short distance west of the harbour and town centre. It is one of three or more churches withi...

    View from the south-west
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