Places of Worship in Foveran Parish in Grampian Region

  • Foveran Cemetery

    This is a modern cemetery used by Foveran Parish Church (and therefore not a place of worship itself), and lies around 500 metres south of this church. It was opened in the 20th century when burials ceased at the burial ground surroundin...

  • Foveran Parish Church

    This church was built in 1794 and lies about a mile south-west of Newburgh village, a coastal community built along the mouth of the River Ythan. The site of the church was formerly at the heart of the Barony of Foveran. A previous 14th ...

    External view from the south-east
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  • Holy Rood Chapel Church, Foveran

    This 19th century church is located on a busy corner site in the small town of Newburgh in Foveran parish. It was built as Newburgh Mathers School in the 1830s and converted into a Chapel of Ease church for Foveran Parish Church around 5...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Holy Rood Chapel, Foveran

    Holy Rood Chapel was often known as the 'Red Chapel of Buchan'. It was situated on the bank of the Coveran Burn where the burn runs into the River Ythan, alongside the harbour of Newburgh. There is now a small graveyard on the site, whic...

    View of the graveyard where the chapel stood
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  • Newburgh Former Church, Foveran

    There is little information currently about this small former church. It is located in the centre of Newburgh village, a coastal community in Foveran with a small harbour. The church faces towards the east and is on a small corner plot w...

    View of the church from the north-east
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  • Newburgh Hospital, Foveran

    It is recorded that the Earl of Buchan, Alexander Comyn, founded a hospital close to the coast in what is now Newburgh in around 1261. It could house 6 poor men and a chaplain and other monks from Deer Abbey stayed here too at the 'Monks...

    The probable area in which the hospital was located, close to the estuary of the Ythan River
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  • St Peter's Well, Foveran

    The Ordnance Survey make reference to a holy well on land close to the coast in Foveran parish. It is claimed to have been named by monks living in the area, although there is no further information at the current time. The site of the w...

  • Udny Family Vault, Foveran

    The Udny Burial Vault is located in the Old Churchyard in Newburgh and was built on the site of the former Holyrood Chapel (see separate site). The Udny Vault is complete and fairly well maintained and is a small, rectangular building wi...

    View of the private burial vault
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