Places of Worship in Forgue Parish in Grampian Region

  • Auchaber Parish Church, Forgue

    Auchaber Church is located at a crossroad of small, rural roads. Open, rolling countryside surrounds the church with large fields and small stands of trees. Auchaber Church was built as a Free Church in the mid 19th century but is now Ch...

    The east gable
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  • Chapelpark Chapel Site, Forgue

    There is suggestion that a Roman Catholic chapel existed here in the 18th or 19th century, associated with a holy well. Ordnance Survey could find no trace of a chapel in the 1860s and no further information has been uncovered since. &nb...

    The field in which the chapel may have been located
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  • Forgue Old Parish Church

    The old church of Forgue, often called St Margaret's, was located close to the current parish church, which replaced it in the 19th century. There are no surface remains of obvious clues as to the exact location of the church in the grav...

    A burial enclosure on the site of the church
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  • Forgue Parish Church

    Forgue Parish Church is a rural church set high on a knoll, overlooking the small hamlet of Forgue. It sits within a rectangular graveyard, on the site of an earlier church. The former manse is a short distance to the north-west and a na...

    View of church from south-west
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  • Frendraught Church Site, Forgue

    A church of the old parish of Frendraught (or Ferendracht), now part of Forgue, was granted to Arbroath Abbey in the mid-13th century. However, its site is not known today.

    The area in which the church may have been located
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  • Mains of Bognie Chapel Site, Forgue

    The Ordnance Survey suggest that an Episcopalian chapel was located here, alongside a road near to Auchaber Church. The chapel had been out of use since around 1800 and the Ordnance Survey found no trace of it in 1870. No sign of any pos...

    The area in which the chapel was located
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  • St Margaret's Episcopal Church, Forgue

    St Margaret's Episcopal Church was built in the mid 19th century by architect William Ramage. It is located in a rural location a short distance south of the small village of Forgue. There is a separate graveyard and rectory situated clo...

    View from south-east
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  • Ythanwells Parish Church, Forgue

    This former church is located in the small village of Ythanwells, a rural settlement based around a crossroads or narrow, country roads. The church sits within small grounds at the western edge of the village, a short distance south-east...

    View from south-east
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