Places of Worship in Fordyce Parish in Grampian Region

  • Fordyce Parish Church

    The parish church of Fordyce was built at the west end of the village in the early 19th century and replaced the original medieval church in the village centre. The church is located at the western edge of the village, in a small plot of...

    View of the Church from the east
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  • Former Free Church, Fordyce

    Fordyce's former Free Church was built in the mid 19th century on the eastern edge of this small, rural village. The church was largely rebuilt at the end of the 19th century, which included the heightening of the walls and gables and a ...

    View from the north-west
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  • Mill of Durn Chapel Site

    The site of a probable chapel was noted by    . The site is close to a small stream in a cultivated field, a short distance south of Portsoy. The Ordnance Survey recorded the remains of the possible chapel in 1866, and state th...

    A view of the area where the chapel is said to have been located
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  • Portsoy Church Hall

    This was originally Portsoy Parish Church and is now used as the church hall.

  • St Talorgan Church, Fordyce

    The remains of the old church of Fordyce lie within a rectangular graveyard near the centre of this small, rural, 18th century village. The village is a remarkable survival of a largely 18th century village, and features rows of cottages...

    Round arch doorway from the south
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  • United Presbyterian Church (Former)

    This building is no longer a place of worship, but is now used as the town hall.