Places of Worship in Fordoun Parish in Grampian Region

  • Auchenblae Parish Church, Fordoun

    This large parish church in Fordoun parish, now known as Auchenblae Church, was built in the 1820s on an historic site. The fairly large surrounding graveyard has the important ruined St Palladius Chapel and the site has been associ...

    The church from the south-east
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  • St Catherine's Chapel and Burying Ground

    There is no trace today of the small medieval chapel which was located here. It was called the Chapel of St Catherine of Sienna and was part of the burgh town of Kincardine, of which nothing remains. The site of the chapel is in the midd...

  • St Palladius Chapel, Fordoun

    The ruins of St Palladius Chapel stand in the graveyard of Auchenblae Parish Church, Fordoun. It is typical of early Christian sites, with the chapel located on top of a steep bank above a stream. The chapel is associated with the 5...

    The chapel and graveyard from the north-west
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  • St Palladius South East Episcopal Church, Fordoun

    This striking gothic structure is fairly original in decoration, despite its fairly typical Episcopal church layout. It was originally built as an estate chapel, as the exhuberant detailing suggests, and stands in open ground belonging t...

    View of the church from the south-east
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