Places of Worship in Fetteresso Parish in Grampian Region

  • Cookney Parish Church, Fetteresso

    This large former chapel of ease (a church built to reduce the travelling distance of locals to get to church) stands in a prominent position on a hillside in the small rural community of Cookney. It was built in 1885 and is a local...

    A view of the former church from the south-west
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  • Cowie Chapel, Fetteresso

    The small roofless ruin of Cowie Chapel is located in a curvilinear, walled graveyard at the head of tall cliffs. It is first mentioned on record in 1276 when it was re-dedicated to The Virgin Mary, after apprently first being dedicated ...

    View of the chapel and in its context
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  • Fetteresso Old Parish Church

    Fetteresso Old Church stands in a prominent position on a rise in the centre of Fetteresso village. It is surrounded by a walled sub-rectangular graveyard. The church was dedicated in 1246 but is thought to stand on an earlier church whi...

    The church from the north-east
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  • Former Church, Rickarton, Fetteresso

    This small former church is located in rural Aberdeenshire in the farming community of Rickarton, Fetteresso. It was built as a Free Church but was bought and converted to a private house some time ago after it became redundant. The chur...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Houff Mausoleum, Fetteresso

    This private mausoleum is located in a field that was part of the Ury House estate. It has a small sub-rectangular enclosure around it and is a private family mausoleum. There is no associated chapel or other ecclesiastical structure.

  • Newtonhill Parish Church

    This is a modern church built in 1987 to serve a growing local community in Newtonhill. The congregation had united with nearby Porthlethen Church in 1982 but a growing congregation in Newtonhill led to the new church being built. It is ...

    View of the church from the east
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  • Raedykes Chapel, Fetteresso

    There is a suggestion that a chapel once stood in this vicinity, in an area known as Raedykes, east of Auquhollie Wood. RCAHMS found no trace of it when undertaking fieldwork in the early 1980s and little documentary evidence suppor...

  • St Ternan's Scottish Episcopal Church

    St Ternan's Episcopal Church is located in rural Aberdeenshire and is surrounded by open farmland and woodland. The church parsonage is alongside. There is a small car park to the east of the church, which is surrounded by trees. The chu...

    View of the church from the south-east
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